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Hi! I am Liana Pigeot, game developer since 2011, based in London. I studied game development at Isart Digital in Paris, while starting internships in game development at the same time. Since then I have been working as a game developer in various companies.

Currently open to offers, I am mainly looking for interesting game projects: PC/Console, VR, or mobile games with an interesting gameplay. You can check my LinkedIn if you want to see my past experiences, or my portfolio for my projects. My email is


I’ve used a wide range of technologies depending on the projects, but I mostly focus on Unity, Unreal en HTML5, and am particularly interested in Virtual Reality currently. Other than that, I’ve used (in no particular order): Corona SDK, node.js, Facebook API, Monogame, native iOS, tvOS and watchOS, Android, Wii U NWF, Ouya, SteamVR.

Languages I know the most:

  • Javascript
  • C# (Unity)
  • Ruby
  • Lua


I particularly care about polish and adding details that make the player happy. Paying a lot of attention to UI/UX or animations is something I tend to do a lot, and I will often come up with ideas to improve the game’s feel by adding/tweaking little details.

Another thing I do a lot is improving workflow. I frequently create tools or generally reusable code when I can identify something that is reptitive/painful for people in the team. This usually increases everyone’s productivity so I try to do it whenever there’s an occasion.

I am also known for finding good solutions when hard situations arise.


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